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Exploring the bazaar in Esfahan is one of my favourite pursuits and I never tire of idly roaming from seller to seller passing by the rhythmic hammering of the copper beaters and sawdust covered  furniture makers as we make our way towards the Bazaareh Advieh Furushaan-the spices.

The hammering and sawing noises fade as we catch our first peppery wafts of the herbs and spices (advieh). The fragrance is overwhelming and the ground and chopped produce displayed so beautifully that you can’t help but want to photograph the colourful mounds.

As well as being sold separately a selection of seven spices (haft-advieh) is sold together to create the Persian spice mix which makes Persian stews (khoresht) and rice (pollo) dishes so tempting. It is a collection of  heady and pungent flavours which varies between regions but can include black pepper, cinnamon, saffron, nutmeg, cumin, cardamom, and ginger.

And it not only looks good, it tastes great.

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Reading another post from PeaceofIran this morning brought to mind some of my first encounters with Iranian cooking pots. This may sound a little strange but as you have probably gathered I loathe cooking, and entertaining more than 2 people at once gives me nightmares. So when I see industrial-sized cooking pots stacked up in the kitchen it gets me worried.

Why on earth would I need a pot THAT BIG?  You invited HOW MANY?

Before meeting Feri and his family in Iran, and before touring the Bazaareh Mesgaran (literally the copper market) in Esfahan, the only pots and pans I had seen close to this size were at school and in hospital. That made sense to me. They have a lot of people to feed, but coming from a small family where entertaining was never top of the agenda, these pans did, and still do give me the heebie-jeebies.

I was slightly reassured by Feri’s last purchase in Sede before coming home.

A “baby” rice pot. Now that’s more my size.


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