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Nowruz Mubarak

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Held every two years, Edinburgh hosts 10 days of celebrations focussing on Persian culture, history, music, literature and art. I was lucky enough to be working in Scotland two years ago and attended a few events whilst there. This time round, I am hoping to combine my work committments with the festival once again and will be taking the train up to Edinburgh during the first week of February.

The 2013 Festival will start on Friday 1st February and end on Sunday 10th February so there is plenty of time to enjoy the activities.

Details of what we can look forward to have not been released yet, but will appear on this website in due course.

Edinburgh Iranian Festival 2013

This is the official programme for the 2011 event-I look forward to seeing the 2013 version.

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Married to an Iranian it took me a while but in October 2010 I finally organised and prepared myself to visit this fascinating country. I had very mixed feelings about the visit but I was determined to go with no negative pre-conceptions about the ordinary Iranian people. Those I have met in Europe are wonderfully friendly, compassionate, fun-loving, respectful, hard-working and have all, without exception, welcomed me into their fold. I purposefully went with an open mind and all good intentions to embrace and respect their culture, just as I expect others to do here in the UK. In short, I was prepared for a really unusual adventure and amazing cultural experience.

I was not to be disappointed.

As a long-term depression sufferer however I was also aware that two weeks in a foreign country, immersed in a vastly different culture, with reduced at-your-finger-tip communication with my support network and the obvious language barrier combined with being out of my routine would put huge pressure on my ability to cope and may spiral me into a depression. That was the last thing I wanted but was it a genuine concern? There was only one way to find out.

I knew that I didn’t just want to be a visitor. I wanted to be accepted as an honorary “Iranian” Was this too much to ask or expect? I wasn’t sure but I found out for myself. Armed with my new Iranian passport and a basic knowledge of Farsi, the Persian language I was confident that I would survive the two weeks. The following posts will give you a flavour of what I have encountered during my visits so far which has been more positive, inviting and welcoming than the general media portray.



Pimsleur-Conversational Farsi– 30 CDs providing basic conversational Farsi. A very useful comprehensive introduction to the Persian language and enough to get you by. 

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