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“From little acorns big oaks grow” is a traditional saying and I am hoping that my series of musings about my travels in Iran which are now being published in our little village magazine will go some way to illustrating an Iran much removed from the politics and sanctions dominating the news,  instead focussing on the “real” Iran and its wonderful people.

I never fail to be amazed by comments I receive about my writing however mundane I feel it is. It is important to describe and explain how people live in Iran even if my observations are based on a small rural/urban population around Esfahan. I cannot and will not pretend that my experiences of traveling in Iran are representative of the population. They cannot possibly be so with a country the size of Iran but I hope that I can give comfort to readers that Iranian people are just like us. They have families, jobs, go on holiday, eat and drink, enjoy themselves. They are not all extreme political or religious animals. They are normal. Just like us.

Let’s hope that by writing about my experiences, more people will begin to understand and appreciate the Iran not publicised by the western media.

Fingers crossed.


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One of the first Iranian  films I watched-Offside directed by Jafar Panahi. A brilliant film for me as I love football and go to matches regularly and a real wake-up call to realise that women in Iran are not allowed to attend football matches.

Offside” is a comedy film about a group of Iranian girls who attempt to enter Tehran’s Azadi Stadium by disguising themselves as men. It was filmed at the actual 2006 World Cup qualifying match between Iran and Bahrain at the Azadi Stadium which Iran won to duly qualify.

A little off-beat but definitely worth a watch!

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