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As you would expect, the Holy Shrine in Abyaneh has rooms and facilities to enable people to pray during their visit should they wish to do so.

Helpfully, there is not only an arrow on the wall pointing to Mecca, but the mats are also placed in position facing towards the Holy City so that the prayer or worship ritual of salah can be carried out. Salah is usually performed 3 times a day by Shia muslims;

Morning – Fajr

Midday-Zuhr/Afternoon-Asr -carried out together

Evening- Maghrib/Night/darkness- Isha-carried out together 


Here we have a prayer mat and Jaa_namaz- which is what the prayer stone, beads and copy of the Q’ran is wrapped in.

Islamic Rosary or prayer beads- with either 33 0r 99 beads and known as Tasbih 

Prayer stone- An embossed clay tablet  used by Shi’ite Muslims. Known as a Mohr (Seal) or Turbah (Arabic) Turbet (Farsi)

These are my lovely string of amethyst (my birthstone) prayer beads which I bought in Esfahan.


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